Want to do your own home energy audit?


At Tiburon Energy we love what we do, and we also enjoying sharing our knowledge with anyone who is interested.  If you are interested in do your own energy audit we’ll be glad to help you along the way.  This article provides a great strategy for conducting your own audit and explains how to prioritize efficiency upgrades. “Once you have finished your do-it-yourself audit, consider calling in a pro to complete a more thorough assessment. Your self-assessment can help the auditor better analyze your home and potential areas for saving.”


Free Home Energy Assessment

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Star Program has a free online tool for homeowners get a handle on their home’s energy use in an important first step to improving efficiency.

Energy Star logo
Energy Star's Home Energy Yardstick offers a simple assessment of a house's energy efficiency.

All you need is a year’s worth of energy bills, your zip code and a few minutes of your time. Get started with this simple assessment by visiting Energy Star’s Home Energy Yardstick tool.

Keep in mind that a home energy audit provides a more thorough, detailed look at a house’s efficiency, with recommendations for improvement. Call Tiburon Energy today at 513-681-9300 to schedule your home energy audit.

Special Offer for Free Home Energy Audits

Tiburon Energy is offering a special incentive for homeowners to get a home energy audit. The first five (5) eligible homeowners who contact Tiburon Energy will receive a free home energy audit (normally a $400 value). Visit the Tiburon Energy contact page to submit a request.

water heater inspection
A Tiburon Energy auditor inspects a water heater, which is one part of a home energy audit

What you will receive:
– A complete home energy audit
– A detailed report on the findings and recommendations of the audit
– Eligibility to receive special financial and rebate offers on improvements based on the audit

To be eligible, you must:

– Reside in Hamilton County, Ohio
– Own and live in the house to be audited
– The house must be: built after 1942, less than 3000 square feet, and free of asbestos and mold
– No previous home energy audit has been conducted within the last 5 years
– Provide your home address and primary telephone number
– No telephone solicitations for this offer will be accepted

A Tiburon Energy representative will contact you to verify eligibility and set a date for the audit. Tiburon Energy also asks recipients to consider providing feedback on your experiences for marketing purposes.

Find out what hidden savings a home energy audit might reveal for you.

Spiders: The Home Energy Auditor’s Best Friend

spider on its web
Spiders can show where your home energy may be flying away

Who would believe that the eight-legged invaders that get inside our homes could be assets in a home energy inspection?

But here’s why:

Spiders like to spin their webs in or near air drafts. Being the hunters they are, spiders wants to make a sticky trap in the places where their prey goes. Small insects such as flies and gnats will find the gaps in walls, around doors and windows, anywhere they can get inside in your home. And spiders want to be there waiting for them.

“It’s amazing how often we’ll find gaps in the areas around a buildup of cobwebs, such as in a basement”, says Toni Winston, BPI-accredited auditor and president of Tiburon Energy. “People want to remove spider webs when they find them in their homes, but I see them as valuable guideposts telling me that air drafts are nearby.”

Maybe spiders deserve their own special accreditation.

Great Incentives Available Through the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance

Residents of the Greater Cincinnati area looking to lower energy costs and improve their comfort of their living space would be wise to start the process by first contacting the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance.

The Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance (GCEA) is a non-profit organization focused on a whole-house approach to efficiency measures.  The GCEA offers financial incentives to assist homeowners with improvements directly associated with air sealing and insulation, and replacing older, inefficient HVAC systems.

Benefits of the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance program include:

  • A complete initial audit for a reduced rate of $50 to $300 depending upon the size of the house
  • Information on low financing rates on loans used to pay for improvements
  • Federal tax credits on energy-efficiency improvements such as new furnaces or water heaters. Consult a tax professional for more information.
  • A final audit after completion of improvements

Their program is open to all residents of Hamilton County, Ohio, and Boone, Campbell and Kenton Counties in Kentucky. Visit the GCEA online at greatercea.org or call 513-621-GCEA (4232).

5 Highlights of the 2011 Federal Energy-Efficiency Credits

On December 17, President Obama signed into law a new tax bill that includes several credits for energy-efficient products and upgrades. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • The tax credit for consumers who purchase qualified energy-saving products remains for 2011, but the incentive was reduced to the original 10% up to $500
  • Other included provisions are:
    • Window incentives to $200
    • Oil and gas furnace and boiler incentives to $150-200
    • Water heater and wood heating system incentives to $300
  • Qualifications to use the credit for oil furnaces and boilers and gas boilers were set at 95% efficiency, up from the 90% efficiency in current credit
  • The tax credit for highly energy-efficient appliances was extended for one year
  • For people looking to build, the $2,000 federal tax credit for builders making energy-efficient homes was extended
  • For homeowners living in Hamilton County, Ohio or in Kentucky, these credits are on top of other incentives, such as reduced financing rates and energy credits, available through the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance and the Kentucky Home Performance program

Act now to take advantage of these incentives, or schedule a consultation to find the right options for you, contact the building energy experts at Tiburon Energy at 513-681-9300.

Energy-Efficiency Programs for Greater Cincinnati Area Homeowners

Through a special non-profit program, homeowners in Greater Cincinnati can receive a home energy audit and financing on upgrades at reduced rates.

Offered by the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance, residents of Hamilton county, Ohio and Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties in northern Kentucky are eligible for home energy audits at a reduced charge of $50.

To register online or for more information, visit the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance.

Kentucky residents are also eligible for the Kentucky Home Performance program, which also the opportunity for a 20% savings on utility bills and a more comfortable living space.