House covered with dollar bills

Federal Tax incentives for Home Energy Improvements Expiring Soon

House covered with dollar bills
Maximized your federal tax incentives to improve the energy efficiency of your house

Without further action by Congress, the start of 2012 may bring an end of the federal government’s series of tax incentives for homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Items such as new windows, furnaces and dishwashers will no longer be aided by incentives when homeowners file their federal income taxes. Details are available through a non-profit website designed to help consumers make the most of these incentives.

If you’re planning any home improvements before the end of the year, Tiburon Energy & Construction has a few suggestions to help you save more money while maximizing your tax incentives.

* If your home needs a new air conditioning system, now is the time to act. HVAC companies are preparing for winter by stocking up on heating equipment, but most still have cooling equipment in stock which needs to be sold before next year’s equipment arrives. This means big savings for consumers willing and able to act soon.

* Get a home energy audit. A comprehensive whole-home audit will point out the improvements that will deliver the most savings for the costs.

And don’t forget: other incentive programs may be available at the state and local levels, so do your research to find out other ways to save.

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