Energy Rating System For Houses

Similar to MPG (miles per gallon) for automobiles, a new rating system for houses will give homeowners the ability to compare estimated annual energy costs and consumption levels before they buy.

Houses in a neighborhood
The new EPS rating system will allow homebuyers to see expected energy costs before buying.

The new EPS (Energy Performance Score) system could potentially increase the resale value of a house if a high EPS is achieved, says Toni Winston, president of Tiburon Energy & Construction. “If you are choosing between two, very similar houses, perhaps even in the same neighborhood, and one has a high EPS score, it make sense that the house with the high EPS score will attract more buyers. At the same time, houses with high EPS scores offer excellent economic and environment benefits for their owners.”

The EPS system has been used in over 1,900 houses in the Pacific Northwest, and is rolling out in pilot programs in Alabama, Massachusetts and Virginia.

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