Special Offer for Free Home Energy Audits

Tiburon Energy is offering a special incentive for homeowners to get a home energy audit. The first five (5) eligible homeowners who contact Tiburon Energy will receive a free home energy audit (normally a $400 value). Visit the Tiburon Energy contact page to submit a request.

water heater inspection
A Tiburon Energy auditor inspects a water heater, which is one part of a home energy audit

What you will receive:
– A complete home energy audit
– A detailed report on the findings and recommendations of the audit
– Eligibility to receive special financial and rebate offers on improvements based on the audit

To be eligible, you must:

– Reside in Hamilton County, Ohio
– Own and live in the house to be audited
– The house must be: built after 1942, less than 3000 square feet, and free of asbestos and mold
– No previous home energy audit has been conducted within the last 5 years
– Provide your home address and primary telephone number
– No telephone solicitations for this offer will be accepted

A Tiburon Energy representative will contact you to verify eligibility and set a date for the audit. Tiburon Energy also asks recipients to consider providing feedback on your experiences for marketing purposes.

Find out what hidden savings a home energy audit might reveal for you.

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