Springtime Energy Saving Tips

Air conditioner tune-up service
Save energy by inspecting your air conditioner annually

The good news is that spring is finally here. Although the weather seems to change dramatically on a daily basis, rest assured that
warmer weather is on the way.

So what can you do to prepare your home for the hot summer months to come? Here are some tips to help get you started.

1) Schedule an air conditioner tune-up

Getting your air conditioning unit checked early in the spring can help you save money on electricity costs by making sure the system is working efficiently before it’s needed during summer. A typical air conditioner tune-up consists of inspecting wiring, hoses and ducts, along with Freon gas levels in the cooling unit.

By scheduling a tune-up during cooler spring months, you cn also save by avoiding costly repairs in summer when HVAC servicing
companies are at their busiest.

2) Close drapes and blinds on sunny days in west-facing windows

Much of the heat entering houses during summer is from windows facing south and west. By keeping your windows shaded during the hottest times of the day, this will help cool your house and reduce the workload on the air conditioner.

3) Seal open gaps into your house

Gaps in your house can allow hot and cold air into places where it’s not needed, making your air conditioner work harder to remove it. An accredited home energy inspector can find those gaps and recommend the proper fixes, to increase both the level of comfort in your home while saving you money in energy costs.

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