If You Can Measure It, Then You Can Manage It

Knowing what the cost to operate a device may make the difference in whether you buy that item or not. We regularly speak in terms of miles per gallon for cars; now we are speaking in terms of price for kilowatt hours.

hand-held electric monitor
This monitor allows homeowners to see electricity levels for each electric item they use.

The Department of Energy’s Energy Star program has brought that principle to the consumer. Products earn the Energy Star label by being at least 25% more energy-efficient than that of other products in the same product class. In addition, many new appliances are built with smart meters to improve efficiency.

Smart meters and home electricity monitors offer a more detailed view of electricity consumption by connecting to a home’s main power supply. A recent Wall Street Journal article on home electricity monitors points out that the average American consumer who monitors their home electricity usage in real time can reduce power consumption by an average of 9.2%, which climbs to 12% when monitoring individual appliances.

It pays to be a smart consumer, and when it comes to lowering your electric bills, there are more ways than ever before to get valuable information. But don’t forget that a house is a system with other resources that require monitoring. Contact the professionals at Tiburon Energy today for a complete home energy audit.

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