Whose house is more efficient? Look to the roofs.

Could this house be more energy-efficient?

During the cold winter months, a fairly accurate way to tell if your house is energy-efficient is to check the rate of snow melt from your roof in comparison with your neighbors. Since many houses in a neighborhood are similar in design, building materials and age, this makes for a quick way to compare how much heat is being lost through a roof.

A more energy-efficient house has less heat escaping through the roof. A house with fewer air gaps and higher levels of insulation prevents heat loss, leading to less use of heating equipment such as furnaces and boilers.

This has a similar effect in summer when running the air conditioner, when insulation prevents heated air from mixing with cooled air.

So remember, more snow on a rooftop could be a sign of higher efficiency house. If you are concerned about energy loss concerns in your home, contact the energy efficiency experts at Tiburon Energy today.

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