Spiders: The Home Energy Auditor’s Best Friend

spider on its web
Spiders can show where your home energy may be flying away

Who would believe that the eight-legged invaders that get inside our homes could be assets in a home energy inspection?

But here’s why:

Spiders like to spin their webs in or near air drafts. Being the hunters they are, spiders wants to make a sticky trap in the places where their prey goes. Small insects such as flies and gnats will find the gaps in walls, around doors and windows, anywhere they can get inside in your home. And spiders want to be there waiting for them.

“It’s amazing how often we’ll find gaps in the areas around a buildup of cobwebs, such as in a basement”, says Toni Winston, BPI-accredited auditor and president of Tiburon Energy. “People want to remove spider webs when they find them in their homes, but I see them as valuable guideposts telling me that air drafts are nearby.”

Maybe spiders deserve their own special accreditation.

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