Insulate Your Home from Higher Energy Costs

Did you know that annual cost of energy is projected to rise 6% each year? And with heating and cooling accounting for 50-70% of the energy used in the average American home, maintaining proper insulation levels and air sealing are two important steps you can take to reduce wasting energy.

Two building experts in protective gear
Lisa and Julie, BPI analysts, are ready for any insulation job.

Insulation makes your house more comfortable by helping maintain a uniform temperature throughout the house, by reducing the need for furnaces and air conditioners to cycle in an attempt to maintain a set temperature.

Air sealing is important because building leaks carry both moisture and energy, usually in a direction you do not want. Moist hot air travels in through building leaks during the summer and warm conditioned air travels out during the winter. Think “hot travels to cold.”

The best way to diagnose or find building leaks is through a blower door test conducted by an energy expert. Once the leaks are identified then it is a matter of sealing them off. Remember to seal the building leaks in the attic and floor plane before insulation is added. The insulation may hide them or make them less accessible.

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