Great Incentives Available Through the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance

Residents of the Greater Cincinnati area looking to lower energy costs and improve their comfort of their living space would be wise to start the process by first contacting the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance.

The Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance (GCEA) is a non-profit organization focused on a whole-house approach to efficiency measures.  The GCEA offers financial incentives to assist homeowners with improvements directly associated with air sealing and insulation, and replacing older, inefficient HVAC systems.

Benefits of the Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance program include:

  • A complete initial audit for a reduced rate of $50 to $300 depending upon the size of the house
  • Information on low financing rates on loans used to pay for improvements
  • Federal tax credits on energy-efficiency improvements such as new furnaces or water heaters. Consult a tax professional for more information.
  • A final audit after completion of improvements

Their program is open to all residents of Hamilton County, Ohio, and Boone, Campbell and Kenton Counties in Kentucky. Visit the GCEA online at or call 513-621-GCEA (4232).

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